Choose one of the data sets below to run. In each case, the data set is run against a whole genome background, using the basal plus extension genomic association rule with its default values.

Set Experiment Set size Species Cell/tissue type Reference GREAT Enrichment Highlights
ChIP-seq 556   Human Jurkat Valouev et al. 2008 Actin-related terms
ChIP-seq 1,712   Human Jurkat Valouev et al. 2008 Neurotransmitters and ion channels
ChIP-seq 2,105   Mouse Embryonic limb E11.5 Visel et al. 2009 Embryonic limb development
481   Human N/A Bejerano et al. 2004 Transcription regulation and developmental defects
GWAS 235   Human N/A NHGRI compendium Bone growth terms
genomics and ChIP-seq
491   Zebrafish Embryos 24hpf Aday et al. 2011 Transcription regulation and development