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The Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) Phenotype ontology1 2 contains data about mouse genotype - phenotype associations primarily obtained by curators from the literature.
Phenotypic terms are related by a directed acyclic graph, the Mammalian Phenotype Ontology3 .


The human hg19 ontology contains 6,484 phenotypes, 5,993 genes, and 372,534 total term <--> gene associations.

The human hg18 ontology contains 6,484 phenotypes, 5,982 genes, and 371,838 total term <--> gene associations.

The mouse mm9 ontology contains 6,502 phenotypes, 6,131 genes, and 381,037 total term <--> gene associations.


All data for this ontology was downloaded on August 20, 2010.

GREAT v1.2

GREAT v1.2 Mouse Phenotype statistics are available here.


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