What do the output columns mean?

Clicking on a column name causes that column to be displayed and all tables to be sorted by it. All Rank and p-value columns are sorted in ascending order, all others in descending order.





GREAT's initial output view shows a summary of only the information statistically significant by both the binomial and hypergeometric tests. Switching the View control to Full reveals all test results (including those that are not statistically significant by one or both tests).

What is a UCSC Genome Browser Custom Track?

A custom track in the UCSC Genome Browser is a way of displaying one's own annotation data in the browser. GREAT can automatically open your test regions as a custom track in the UCSC Genome Browser. It can also create annotation term specific custom tracks of the regions in your test set associated with the annotation term (available on the Term Details page accessed by clicking on a term description). Custom tracks are only viewable on the machine from which they were uploaded and are discarded 48 hours after their last access. More information is available at UCSC Genome Bioinformatics.

Output Filters

GREAT offers a number of filters that affect both the display and processing of the output data:

Why are some filters unavailable when I run with an explicit background set?

Ontology Table Controls

Each ontology table has a set of controls which operate exclusively on that table's content.