LSTM Branchpoint Retriever (LaBranchoR)

LaBranchoR predicts RNA splicing branchpoints using a Long Short-Term Memory network. LaBranchoR predicts a correct branchpoint for over 90% of 3' splice sites.

For Competitors: LaBranchoR is trained on the 'high confidence' set of Mercer et. al. 2015 branchpoints on chromosomes 5 to 21, X and Y. Compare to us on chromosomes 1-4! Good luck!

LaBranchoR predictions on UCSC genome browser.

Access LaBranchoR predictions on the UCSC genome browser here.

Download LaBranchoR predictions

All files are for Gencode v19 annotations (hg19 coordinates).

LaBranchoR source code

LaBranchoR public git repository can be found here.

How to cite

Paggi, J.M., and Bejerano, G. A sequence-based, deep learning model accurately predicts RNA splicing branchpoints. bioRxiv 185868, 2017. DOI: 10.1101/185868


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