PESNPdb: Pre-eclampsia SNP Resource

PESNPdb is a collection of SNPs that have been investigated in association with pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy specific disorder that can be life threatening to mother and child. All articles have been manually curated to include detailed information on each study, which is important for data comparison and interpretation. PESNPdb aims to facilitate research and provide new insights into genetic contributions to pre-eclampsia.

If you have a study that has not been included in PESNPdb, we encourage you to submit to our resource


  • Sept 26, 2012: Our paper on PESNPdb has been accepted for publication in Placenta.
  • Aug 10, 2012: PESNPdb version 1.1 features new filtering options and a custom track.
  • July 1, 2012: PESNPdb version 1.0 is released.


Human GRCh37 (UCSC hg19, Feb 2009, dbSNP build 135)
Human NCBI build 36.1 (UCSC hg18, Mar 2006, dbSNP build 130)

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List of Articles Curated in PESNPdb