Bejerano Lab

Contact Info

Gill Bejerano:Administrative Assistant:
Best via e-mail: Patti Livingston
Office: Beckman B-321AOffice: Beckman B-300
       or Gates 410 (directions below)
Phone: +1 650 723 7666 Phone: +1 650 725 6792
Fax: + 1 650 725 2923 Dept. Fax: +1 650 725 7739

Mailing Address:
Gill Bejerano
Beckman Center B-300
279 Campus Drive West (MC 5329)
Stanford CA 94305-5329

Location, location, location

Bejerano Lab Directions The Bejerano Lab is located at Stanford University's Beckman Center,  Third floor, B319-B321 suite, within the Dept. of Developmental Biology. The suite combines computational office space with experimental bench space. Once inside Beckman, take elevator to the third floor, make a left at the lobby, then left again into the first corridor. B321 will eventually come up on your left.

Gill and lab members also spend time at the Computer Science Dept. Gates Building, where some of our collaborators as well as the lab's powerful compute cluster reside. Gill's office at Gates 410 is on the fourth floor, near the InfoLab folks.

Both buildings are found on this excerpt of campus map:  jpg  pdf


For parking options and driving directions see our customized Google Map.
General driving directions to the Beckman Center can be found here.
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