Bejerano Lab

Our Research, biomedically speaking

The Bejerano Lab focuses on a fundamental question in Human Genomics: the relationship between geno(me)type and phenotype. We attempt to integrate three major and complementary viewpoints in tackling this question:

  • In 2013 we started a fruitful journey into the genomic causes of human disease. We have since joined Stanford Hospital's Pediatrics Department, through which we now have access to thousands of patients' genomes, and a flood of many more genomes to come. We are dedicated to help improve the lives of patients and their families, through genomics.
  • We have been examining human genome function since joining Stanford's Developmental Biology Department in 2007. The streamlined efficiency that is obvious at the organism level, shaped by the forces of natural selection, are not as obvious in the molecular level of genes and gene regulation. A recent flood of functional data is helping us make better sense of the human genome, and helps turn it into insights of development, disease and evolution.
  • We have been studying human genome evolution since 2003 aided by our deep roots and primary affiliation with Stanford's Computer Science Department. There are now whole genomes for hundreds of vertebrates. Hundreds more are being sequenced. The wealth of information captured in these genomes is as staggering as the wealth of adaptations of the species that carry them. We work to mine this data for meaning, linking animal phenotype to animal genome loci, and back to human patient genomes.
Our unique affiliation with three wonderful Stanford departments lets us see the full arc extending from Computer Science through Developmental Biology to Pediatrics, and puts us at a unique position of helping realize the immense potential hidden, in plain sight, in the sequence of our genome. Join us.

Sounds cool but I know little biology or medicine or computer science? If you are interested in this intersection - the world is starving for people like yourself. Owing to our conservative, almost antiquated, education system, all of us already at this intersection, entered it with almost zero knowledge in one or more of the fields involved. We pick it up as we go, we team up with great people of complementary expertise to our own, we draw courage from our patients and their families, and together we make a difference in the world.

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