Bejerano Lab

Principal Investigator

  • Gill Bejerano
    • Ph.D, Hebrew University
    • Packard Fellow
    • Searle Scholar
    • Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow
    • Alfred P. Sloan Fellow
    • (650) 723 7666

Post Docs

  • Whitney Heavner
    • Ph.D, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    • Affiliation: Biology Dept.
    • Joint with Sue McConnell, Biology
    • SNI Fellow
  • Amir Marcovitz
    • Ph.D, Weizmann Institute of Science
    • Affiliation: Developmental Biology Dept.
    • Stanford CEHG Fellow
    • Dean's Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. Students

  • Johannes Birgmeier
    • M.S, Vienna University of Technology
    • Affiliation: Computer Science Dept.
  • Heidi Chen
    • B.S, Stanford University
    • Affiliation: Developmental Biology Dept.
    • NSF Graduate Fellow
    • Joint with Kristy Red-Horse, Biology
  • Karthik Jagadeesh
    • B.S, UC Berkeley
    • Affiliation: Computer Science Dept.
  • Hannah Marie Moots
    • MPhil, Cambridge University
    • B.S, University of Chicago
    • Affiliation: Anthropology Dept.
    • Joint with Krish Seetah, Anthropology
  • Jim Notwell
    • B.S, University of Notre Dame
    • Affiliation: Computer Science Dept.
    • Bio-X SiGF Fellow
    • NSF Graduate Fellow
  • Yatish Turakhia
    • M.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
    • Affiliation: Electrical Engineering Dept.
    • Atheros Founders Fellow
    • NVIDIA graduate fellow
    • Joint with Bill Dally, Electrical Engineering
  • Bo Yoo
    • B.S, University of Notre Dame
    • Affiliation: Computer Science Dept.

Undergrads/Masters students

  • Mark Berger
    • B.S, Stanford University
    • Honors Thesis
    • Affiliation: Computer Science Dept.
  • Cole Deisseroth
    • Stanford University
    • Affiliation: Computer Science Dept.
  • Victoria Wang
    • Stanford University
    • Affiliation: Computer Science Dept.

Administrative Staff

  • Patricia Livingston
    • Affiliation: Developmental Biology Dept.
    • (650) 725 6792

Lab Photo

L to R: Yatish, Heidi, Amir, Whitney, Mark, Bo, Gill, Solomon, Johannes, Karthik, Ethan, Yosuke, Joe, James


Name Position Now
Post Docs
Geetu Tuteja, Ph.D
Postdoc, 2010-15
Dean's Postdoctoral Fellow
A.P. Giannini Foundation Medical Research Fellow
K99/R00 award (perfect score)
Assistant Professor,
Iowa State University
Gray Camp, Ph.D
Postdoc, 2012-14
PhRMA Foundation Fellow
Joint with David Kingsley, Developmental Biology
Max Planck Institute
Andrew Doxey, Ph.D
Postdoc, 2010-12
Gold Medal PhD
NSERC Fellow
Assistant Professor,
U. Waterloo
Michael Hiller, Ph.D
Postdoc, 2008-11
GRF Fellow
HFSP Fellow
Group Leader,
Max Planck Institute
Adam Adler, Ph.D Postdoc, 2008-09 Genentech
Ph.D. Students
Cory McLean, Ph.D
PhD Student, 2007-11
Bio-X Fellow, PhD Thesis
Shoa Clarke, MD/Ph.D PhD Student, 2007-11
HHMI Gilliam Fellow, PhD Thesis
Boston Residency
Aaron Wenger, Ph.D
PhD Student, 2008-12
Bio-X SiGF Fellow, PhD Thesis
Stanford Graduate Fellow
Pacific Biosciences
Harendra Guturu, Ph.D
PhD Student, 2010-14
NSF Graduate Fellow
Stanford EE Fellow, PhD Thesis
Tomas Rube, Ph.D
PhD Student, 2011-12
Stanford Graduate Fellow
John Ericsson Medal
UCSF Postdoc
Yosuke Tanigawa, Ph.D
PhD Student, 2016-21
Funai Overseas Scholarship, PhD Thesis
Joint with Manuel Rivas, Biomedical Data Science
Sanjay Siddhanti Undergrad RA, 2014-5
Honors Thesis, Firestone Medal
Vineeth Gangaram Undergrad RA, 2014
Lindsay Willmore Undergrad RA, 2014
Robin Jia Undergrad RA, 2012-14 Stanford Graduate
Charles Chen Undergrad RA, 2013-4
Brian Lao Masters RA, 2014
Xavier Mignot Undergrad RA, 2014
Rajiv Alluri Undergrad RA, 2013
Emily Cheng Undergrad RA, 2012
Ravi Parikh Co-Term RA/Staff, 2011-12 Music Industry
Hrysoula Papadakis Co-Term RA, 2011-12
Jenny Chen Co-Term RA, 2010-11 MIT Graduate
Saatvik Agarwal Co-Term RA, 2009-11 Sequoia Fund
Sushant Shankar Masters RA, 2011 33Across
Cory Barr Masters RA, 2009 Genentech
Abe Bassan
Masters Student, 2007-08
NSF Graduate Fellow, Joint with David Kingsley, Developmental Biology
Bluebird Bio
Fah Sathirapongsasuti, Ph.D Undergrad RA, 2007 23andMe
Research Staff
Aaron Wenger, Ph.D Academic Staff - Research, 2014-16
Harendra Guturu, Ph.D Academic Staff - Research, 2014-16
Tisha Chung Research Assistant, 2010-14
Bruce Schaar, Ph.D Lab Manager, 2009-12
Karen Moreira, Ph.D Research Assistant, 2011-12
Dave Bristor Software Engineer, 2008-10
Janet Jin, Ph.D Research Assistant, 2008 Genentech
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