Bejerano Lab

Gill Bejerano, Ph.D.


Associate Professor of Developmental Biology
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Medical Genetics)
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Data Science
Stanford University

Faculty affiliations:  Artificial Intelligence LabBio-X, BioMedical Informatics, Child Health Research Institute, Computational Biology Group, Stanford Cancer Institute

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Gill Bejerano
Research interests: Vertebrate cis-regulation (read more)
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2004 Ph.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
1997 B.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude), Hebrew University, Israel

Selected Awards
2012Weizmann Institute Student Conference Invited Speaker
2010U. Chicago Student Invited Speaker
2009Faculty Fellow, Microsoft Research
2008 Fellow, David & Lucile Packard Foundation
UC Berkeley Center for Computational Biology Retreat keynote

Searle Scholar
Young Investigator Award, Human Frontier Science Program
Fellow, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Tomorrow's principal investigator, Genome Technology Magazine
2007 Junior faculty grant, Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation
1999,2003 Best paper by a young scientist award, the RECOMB conference

Selected Recent & Upcoming Talks
2013Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science
Genome, Disease and Evolution Symposium, Laussane
2012American Society for Human Genetics, San Francisco
Sci Foo Camp invitee, Google
Genetics Seminar, Yale
Evo-Devo Student Conference, Weizmann Institute, Israel
Genome Frontiers Institute seminar, U. Penn.
Invited speaker, CSU Monterey Bay
Human Genetics Seminar, UC Davis
International Conference on Transposable Elements, Asilomar
Modern Human Genetic Variation Symposium, Stockholm
PRBB-PRC Barcelona

Selected Publications
  • M. Hiller, B.T. Schaar, V.B. Indjeian, D.M. Kingsley, L.R. Hagey, and G. Bejerano. A "Forward Genomics" Approach Links Genotype to Phenotype using Independent Phenotypic Losses among Related Species. Cell Reports 2012.
  • S.L. Clarke, J.E. Vandermeer, A.M. Wenger, B.T. Schaar, N. Ahituv and G. Bejerano. Human Developmental Enhancers Conserved between Deuterostomes and Protostomes. PLoS Genet. 8(8):e1002852, 2012.
  • C.Y. McLean, P.L. Reno, A.A. Pollen, A.I. Bassan, T.D. Capellini, C. Guenther, V.B. Indjeian, X. Lim, D.B. Menke, B.T. Schaar, A.M. Wenger, G. Bejerano  and D.M. Kingsley. Human-specific loss of regulatory DNA and the evolution of human-specific traits. Nature 471:216–219, 2011.
  • C.Y. McLean, D. Bristor, M. Hiller, S.L. Clarke, B.T. Schaar, C.B. Lowe, A.M. Wenger and G. Bejerano. GREAT improves functional interpretation of cis-regulatory regions. Nature Biotechnology 28(5):495-501, 2010.
  • C. McLean and G. Bejerano. Dispensability of mammalian DNA. Genome Research 18(11):1743-1751, 2008.
  • G. Bejerano, C.B. Lowe, N. Ahituv, B. King, A. Siepel, S.R. Salama, E.M. Rubin, W.J. Kent and D. Haussler. A Distal Enhancer and an Ultraconserved Exon are Derived From a Novel Retroposon. Nature, 441(7089):87-90, 2006.
  • G. Bejerano, M. Pheasant, I. Makunin, S. Stephen, W.J. Kent, J.S. Mattick, and D. Haussler. Ultraconserved Elements in the Human Genome, Science, 304:1321-1325, 2004.
  • G. Bejerano and G. Yona. Variations on probabilistic suffix trees - a new tool for statistical modeling and prediction of protein families, Bioinformatics, 17:23-43, 2001.
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